Quantum Neurofeedback 10 (CEUs)


Course Description:

Brain Science and Neurofeedback are becoming more popular in the United States. This natural treatment has been utilized widely in Europe for many years. As the Western world begins to become more interested and open minded to more natural ways of healing, Neurotherapy (Neurofeedback) is at the top of the list and gaining popularity as its benefits are proving to be worth the time and effort required for the therapy. This course will provide an understanding of the physiological actions involved when Neurofeedback is used to entrain brain wave activity. It will review the anatomy and physiology of neurons, explore the physiology of brain science as it relates to specific lobe function. It will foster an understanding of Neuroplasticity and provide the practitioner with a working knowledge of how to talk to their clients about Neurofeedback including how it works and the benefits one may expect. This course is essential for any practitioner contemplating adding Neurofeedback therapies into their practice.

Method: online - lecture – Videos – Live Workshops


1. Neuroscience Terminology
2. Bran Wave Frequencies (a) Delta (b) Theta (C) Alpha (d) Beta (e) SMR (f) Gamma
3. Specific Brain wave Patterns and what they mean
4. A look at Brain Dysregulation
5. Medications that alter and affect specific brain wave activity and Neurofeedback progress
6. Functions of the brain lobes
7. Methods of brain entrainment
8. Basics for Neurofeedback implementation


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Define specific terminology necessary in working with Neurofeedback.
  2. List each type of brain wave and it’s related function.
  3. Understand the different brain wave patterns and the physical manifestations for each
  4. Define and discuss brain dysregulation
  5. Understand how commonly prescribed medication affects long term brain function
  6. List the functions related to the specific brain lobes
  7. Understand the all-natural brain entrainment approach to brain entrainment
  8. List things you need to know or have in place before starting a Neurofeedback practice.

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Your Instructor

Theresa Turner, ND, RN, PSc. D
Theresa Turner, ND, RN, PSc. D

Theresa is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor, licensed Registered Nurse, licensed doctor of Pastoral Medicine, Neuro Therapist and Certified Natural Health Professional and Reflexologist. She has over 27 years of experience as a health care provider. She received her nursing degree from Georgia Southwestern University, later earned a graduate degree in Health Care Administration from Bellevue University and completed her Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity College. She is a member of the Pastoral Medical Association and a participating member of the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research. She is a certified health and business coach. Theresa is also an ordained Christian minister with a heart and passion for helping people. She is currently completing a Phd in Natural medicine.
Theresa currently runs a successful clinical practice near Atlanta, GA with her husband Dr. John Turner. Their clinic has been in business for over 30 years. They specialize in methods to determine root cause of symptoms and ways to help the body to heal naturally and safely. All methods employed by Dr. Turner are natural and non prescriptive.
Theresa is also experienced in developing programs for prevention and management of disease processes. She is delighted to share her vast knowledge and clinical experience with others desiring to improve outcomes for their clients.

Course Curriculum

  Module One Introduction to Quantum Neurofeedback
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  Module One: Part Two
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  Module Two: Part One
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  Module Two: Part Two
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